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80-150 Horsepower

MX 1404

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    Engine power

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    >Paddy field & dry field

    Operating scenarios

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    Easy maneuvering

    Shuttle gearshift


MX series tractors are an excellent quality line independently developed by our company with 100-150 hp. The entire machine features high weight and high traction, and can be used for both paddy fields and dry fields, satisfying operation demands for rotary tilling, seeding, pulping, etc.


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    Advanced technology

    Independent research and development, 16+16 synchronizer shuttle gearshift, eight operating gears.

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    High reliability

    One-piece box, helical gear drive, imported seals and bearings.

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    Long operating time

    260L extra-large fuel tank, capable of continuous 16-hour operation.

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    High lifting force

    Strong pressure lifter with height limit, improving lifting force by 20%.

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    Comfortable riding

    Suspension seats, adjustable steering wheel, upgraded cab sealing performance.

Technical specification

ItemUnitDesign value
External dimensions (L×W×H)mm4790X2200X2950
Wheeltrack - Front wheeltrackmm1705
Wheeltrack - Rear wheeltrackmm1710
Wheeltrack (front/rear) adjustment mode/Step adjustable/step adjustable
Minimum ground clearancemm445
Minimum useable masskg4535
Number of gears - forward/reverse/16/16
Number of gears - main transmission/auxiliary transmission/shuttling/2004/4/2
Minimum turning radius - No unilateral brakingm4.4士0.3
Connection between engine and clutch/Direct connection
PTO shaft powerKW≥100.3
Maximum traction forceKN≥40

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