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Three-wheeled Vehicles

From farm to city, our three-wheeled products are world renowned for their tremendous load capacity per cost.  Easy maintenance and a short turn radius make a it perfect for a variety of terrains and applications.



The Aoxiang product line is widely utilized across five key industrial sectors, which include the Agricultural Industrywith tailor-made vehicles for farmlands and orchards, the Construction and Infrastructure Industry, the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry, the Mining and Heavy Equipment Industry, and the Specialized Vehicle Industry.

  • 3MX ( ICE )

    3MX three wheeled vehicle to the max. Unmatched loading capacity, exceptional maneuverability, advanced safety features, and striking aesthetics.

  • Electric three-wheel vehicles

    Unmatched in performance, they excel in short-haul urban/rural transport and agricultural use in mountainous areas. Their flexibility, eco-friendliness, and affordability cater to diverse transportation needs. With robust passing capability, they conquer challenging terrains effortlessly.

  • 3MX EV

    With an industry-leading secure truss structure, the 3MX EV excels at tackling a variety of challenging tasks, boasting a 20% increase in effective load-carrying capability. Experience not only spaciousness but also enhanced comfort with our vehicles, delivering a superior user experience.


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    Wuzheng's three-wheeled vehicle helps diversify agricultural transportation

    For an agricultural country as Benin, production volume and transportation safety of farm crops are very important for progress. However, most Beninese land is comprised of red clay plateaus with tropical rainforest climates and low bush plateaus with tropical savannas. These terrains and climatic conditions demand more reliable means of farmland transport. To meet this demand, Wuzheng put in R&D efforts and developed a three-wheeled vehicle specific for transport of tropical crops. Using corrosion resistant enamel paint, these three-wheeled vehicles can cope with the dry, hot and humid Benin climate and deliver impressive durability. These three-wheeled vehicles move smartly and have easy access to farmlands. This allows farm crops to be loaded and packed conveniently, putting an end to manual handling. Consequently, this has remarkably enhanced farming transportation efficiency and quality in Benin.

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    Wuzheng's three-wheeled tank trucks supply water-stressed regions with clean drinking water

    Congo-Kinshasa is a country nestled in Southeast Africa. In many parts of its territory, residents have poor access to clean drinking water, and suffer from numerous hardships in their daily life. To solve this problem, Wuzheng has devised a three-wheeled tank truck that can cope with poor road conditions and carry a relatively large volume of water, effectively providing transportation of vast loads of drinking water to water-stressed regions. By adopting use of Wuzheng's three-wheeled tank trucks, residents in water-stressed regions of Congo-Kinshasa can gain easy access to clean drinking water. This not only improves the quality of their life, but also mitigates physical health problems and financial woes resulting from water scarcity, creating a living environment with greater sustainability for them.

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