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Agricultural industry

Primarily designed for daily rural family life, it is mostly used for bringing crops in from the fields or for transporting fruit and vegetable to greenhouses during the busy season.

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  • F1000

    Compact and lightweight, easy maneuverability

    • Durable

    • Powerful

    • Easy to operate

  • F-MT

    Pull twice as much, save half the fuel, extend service life by 10 years.

    • Safer compared to high stability

    • Enhanced luxury and ride comfort

    • Premium visual instrumentation

  • F1300

    Multifunctional operation for farmland and orchards

    • Safe and reliable

    • Strong and durable

    • Greater power

  • 700.png
  • 700.png
  • 1300-561.png
  • Diesel engine
      • The vehicle features a friendly and tidy appearance. It is a compact, lightweight and easily maneuverable vehicle.

      • It has more power than an electric vehicle or a gasoline powered motorcycle.

      • The height of the vehicle’s cargo platform can be as low as 640mm, making it easier to manually load and unload heavy items.

      • Shifting gears has never easier than the hand-operated sequential shifting.

  • Diesel engine
      • All-new vehicle facelift, showcasing numerous upgrades such as a widened motorcycle windscreen, upgraded headlight, and an additional headlight cover.

      • Unleash a smooth and comfortable ride with the combined power of Magic Carpet shock absorbers and long-span variable stiffness leaf springs.

      • Experience unmatched driving comfort with adjustable seat width, expanding from the traditional F-MT720 width to up to 900cm, for a spacious and comfortable driving experience.

      • Experience a familiar and engaging drive with our vehicle, featuring a cyclic gearbox rear axle that offers the same pedal shift as gasoline motorcycles.

      • Hand-operated gas pedal and clutch, more convenient shifting mode.

      • Uses the optional external heat dissipation for F-MT models, avoiding numerous water refills and preventing high engine temperatures.

      • Vacuum power brake, sensitive operation.

      • Vacuum power clutch, convenient operation.

      • Introducing our new Visual Gear Indicator, effortlessly keeping you informed of your current gear selection.

  • Diesel engine
      • The body style breaks existing styling patterns, highlighting the contemporary, fashionable, intelligent product appearance. The first in the industry to omit grille decorations. Sedan -grade front stripes, echoing the eagle-eye lamps on both sides.

      • Bionic eagle-eye headlight design, one-piece lens structure, sharp and vigorous styling, offering a clear, well-lit view, highlighting the unique design of the product.

      • Independent daytime running lights for a sedan-like experience.

      • The original simple body, plus curved C-pillar structure, with the body low in the front and high in the back for a dynamic effect. Also, the dynamic effect on the front edge and sides of the body complements the curved C-pillar.

      • With the adoption of "simple body + curved C-pillar" structure, compared with the "simple body + rear support bar" structure in the same industry, the service life and body stability have been improved three times more than others in the same industry class.

      • The brand-new interior design and appearance are based on improving ergonomics, making it more product-focused. Other industry products feature monotonous interiors and ungraceful exteriors.

      • More user-friendly dashboard design concept with additional storage box, which can be closed to prevent item from being thrown out. Meanwhile, the dashboard is meticulously designed to enhance the color matching and the shielding of parts, bringing users a brand-new driving experience.

  • F1000
  • F-MT
  • F1300

Efficient transportation solutions for users worldwide

Wuzheng's three-wheeled vehicles have been market leaders for over 40 years. The quality and continuous innovation of Wuzheng's vehicles provide users worldwide with efficient transportation solutions.

Use scenarios

Discover the versatility of our vehicle product line in action.
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  • aoxiang4.jpg

Technical specification

  • 300.png


  • 300.png


  • 1300-561.png


  • Product Model

  • Body

  • Engine model

  • External contour dimensions

  • Gearbox

  • Wheeltrack

  • Wheelbase

  • Front and rear tires

  • Frame form

  • Steering type

  • Engine power

  • Cargo box dimensions

  • Shock absorber models

  • Brake form

  • Dumping mode

  • Clutch

    • WKF1Q302

    • Ruyihu half enclosure

    • L12

    • 3690×1350×1555

    • sequential eight gears

    • 1160

    • 2045

    • front 50012/back 50012

    • 60 square tube 2045

    • handlebar/steering wheel

    • 12 hp

    • 2.0 x 1.35 x 0.35 square column unloading lifting chain

    • 4550 single shock

    • vacuum power brake

    • self-unloading

    • vacuum power clutch

    • WKF1J310

    • simple windshield handlebar

    • 18/20

    • 3690×1350×1555

    • cyclic six/sequential eight

    • 1140

    • 2540

    • front 50012/back 55013

    • 80 square tube 2285

    • handlebar

    • 18/22 hp

    • 2.0 x 1.35 x 0.4 square column unloading lifting chain

    • magic carpet shock/6058 single shock

    • vacuum power brake

    • self-unloading

    • vacuum power clutch

    • WKF3Q301

    • Aoxiang 1300 half enclosure

    • 18/20/22/24

    • 3860×1450×1630

    • eight/ten gears

    • 1240

    • 2610

    • front 60014/back 6501670016, 75016

    • 120 square tube spanning exterior 2350

    • disc turbo

    • 18/24 hp

    • 2.2 x 1.45 x 0.45 square column unloading

    • 5355 single shock, dual shocks, triple shocks

    • vacuum power brake/small booster

    • self-unloading

    • pull rod clutch

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