FEIDI Commercial Vehicles
        FEIDI W Series
            FEIDI W5
            FEIDI W7
        FEIDI AOCHI Series
            FEIDI AOCHI V Series
            FEIDI AOCHI X Series
             FEIDI AOCHI T Series
        FEIDI Q Series
            FEIDI U Series
            FEIDI Q Series
        FEIDI DITO Series
            FEIDI DITO New Energy
            FEIDI DITO Traditional Fuel Vehicle
    Three-wheeled Vehicles
        AO XIANG
            Agricultural industry
            Construction and infrastructure industry
            Logistics and supply chain industry
            Mining and heavy equipment industry
            Specialized vehicle industry
        3MX ( ICE )
        Electric three-wheel vehicles
            Efficient farm-to-table transport
            Heavy load
        3MX EV
    Wuzheng and TS Tractors
        40-80 Horsepower
            TS 500
            TA 504
            NA 504
            NS 704
        80-150 Horsepower
            MD 1004
            ME 1204
            MX 1404
        150+ Horsepower
            MF 2104
            WZ 2104
            MK 2404
            EH 2604
    Sanitation Vehicles and Services
        Garbage Collection
        Side loader
        Rear loader
        Kitchen waste collector
        Trucks with self-loading function
        Bin collector
        Hook lift
        Automatic side loader
        Sweeping and Dust Suppression
        Deep cleaning sweeper
        Standard sweeper
        Dust suppressor
        Water and Sewage Management
        Water tank and sprayers
        Sewage vacuum
        Vacuum truck for sewage collection
        Transfer Equipment
        Standalone mobile compactor
        Transfer station
        Public waste bin
        Train and Port Equipment
        Coal train sweeper
        Multi-function gluing and sprinkling truck
        Log storage rack
        Electric (EV)
        Electric rear loader
        Electric hook lift
        Electric kitchen waste collector
        Electric sewage vacuum
        Pure electric road maintenance vehicle
        Pure electric cleaning vehicle
        Sanitation truck solutions
    Silage Machinery
        Harvest machinery
        Baling and wrapping machine
        Supporting equipment
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