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We Pursue Innovation Without Compromising

Wuzheng invests in R&D to increase our users' productivity while saving money and protecting the environment. Electric, autonomous and digital technology benefit users across Wuzheng's ecosystem, while a backbone of constant mechanical innovation ensures high performance and reliable operation.

Fuel Efficiency in Mountainous Terrains

FEIDI has engineered a unique feature for its HW5 hybrid truck for users transporting heavy loads in mountainous regions. This feature detects conditions like full payload and uphill gradients, supplementing power from the conventional engine as needed. A programmed partial clutch operation ensures a smooth and swift response when starting from a standstill on steep slopes. These enhancements broaden the hybrid’s adaptability to diverse scenarios, promoting fuel efficiency for a wide range of users.

Wuzheng Industrial Internet Platform satisfies personalized user service requirements for the overall life cycle

The Group has established the Wuzheng Industrial Internet Platform with completely independent intellectual property rights. This unique platform offers multiple sub-platforms, such as agricultural machinery vehicle networking platform, fuel vehicle networking platform, new energy vehicle networking platform, intelligent sanitation operation platform, digital R&D platform and digital marketing service platform. Also offered are various apps and applets such as Feidi Worm Hole, Feidi Leasing, Wuzheng Cloud Service and Wuzheng Smart Choice.

Based on overall customer life cycle, Wuzheng Industrial Internet Platform enables users to arrange team operations and remote diagnosis, remote control and financial locking management of vehicles at home, and easy access to vehicle spare parts, vehicle maintenance, vehicle rescue, etc., just with the touch of a finger.

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Maximizing harvester efficiency by simulation

With technical support in simulation analysis, Wuzheng Group has launched silage machinery with a maximum operating efficiency of 30 tons/hour and a crushing rate of over 98%. This enables users to create greater value and higher efficiency with lower waste.

Automatic chassis for logistics in closed areas

The Group has developed eight major key technology core competencies based on positioning technology, perception technology, decision-making and planning technology, and vehicle control. The Group has also developed an L4-level low-speed automatic driving sharing platform, enabling the evolution of models for different uses.  Currently, the Group's automatic chassis is used in logistics and transportation in closed areas of the plant.

In the future, the Group will offer total solutions for users, including automatic driving equipment, remote driving systems, roadside V2X solutions, and cloud control platform to enable unmanned logistics and transportation in parks and other locations.

Efficiently Spreading Fertilizer on Small Farms and Orchards

This versatile machine can efficiently spread granular fertilizer, biological fertilizer, and seeds making it an ideal choice for orchards, greenhouses, and farms without needing a large investment.

By replacing the traditional manual method of spreading fertilizers, it liberates workers from strenuous and potentially hazardous operations while ensuring a more uniform distribution of material and less waste.

Prioritizing Worker Safety and Reducing Airborne Coal Dust

Coal transport on trains often leaves dust and residue accumulations that require cleaning.  Wuzheng developed special equipment to drastically reduce exposure of workers to the hazardous environment, while also reducing airborne coal dust.  A task that previously engaged 20 workers for 40 minutes can now be efficiently handled by just two operators within 30 minutes without entering the carriage.  Shandong Port Group (the world's largest port group) has adopted this equipment with benefits to workers and also to the environment.

Advancing Tractor Tire Research

In 2020, Wuzheng Group embarked on a comprehensive collaboration with Michelin, conducting an extensive experiment titled “Farmland Ecology and Food Security on Tires”.

The focus of this experiment was the utilization of ultra-low-pressure radial tires on tractors and other large-scale agricultural machinery. These tires boast superior braking and steering performance, lower noise levels, and a wider tire width.The wider tire width increases the contact area between the tires and the soil, effectively reducing soil compaction. This not only prevents damage to the soil structure but also decreases fuel consumption, marking a significant stride towards eco-friendly farming practices in China.

VCU independent development

The Group has independently developed the VCU vehicle control system for new energy products, and realized 16 core platform/modularized software functions. These include driver intent recognition, energy management, fault diagnosis and remote control, comprehensively upgrading the five dimensions of vehicle dynamics, economy, drivability, and safety and intelligence, while supporting the rapid development and iteration of conventional logistics, cold chain, sanitation, sweeping and dumping vehicles, etc.

The VCU system not only provides complete control logics for entire vehicle operation, enabling the optimal performance of the product, but also supports customized development, providing more customer options to save effort.


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