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Construction and infrastructure industry

The engineering transportation series is mainly used in construction sites, building materials transportation and other medium and heavy load use scenarios. We can provide a variety of cargo box sizes, cab types and power specifications to meet the needs of different user groups.

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  • D1500

    With a high-strength steel frame construction, our vehicle balances lightweight design and exceptional load-bearing capacity for agility and durability.

    • Reliable performance

    • Lightweight design

    • Exceptional load-bearing capacity

  • V1600

    Heavy-duty vehicle with a lower loading platform to facilitate easy loading and unloading

    • Low cargo platform

    • Exceptional load-bearing capacity

    • 10 gear transmission for Improved hill climbing performance

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  • Diesel engine
      • With 170 beam steel frame, the entire vehicle is lighter in weight and features a stronger carrying capacity.

      • It is equipped with an external motorized cooling system to control water temperature within a reasonable range.

      • This advanced model has a full set of high-precision process (such as 3D modeling design, finite element structural and mechanical analysis, full sequence molding, etc.) to protect accuracy and quality. Guaranteed power.

  • Diesel engine
      • It uses Aoxiang 1600 luxury type one-and-half row body. The entire vehicle is designed to be compact.

      • 195 channel steel external span frame, low platform design for easy loading and unloading of goods.

      • The rear axle features a 10-gear design for greater carrying capacity.

      • 24, 25, 28, 32 engines available.

      • External cooling system, MP3, reverse camera, electromagnetic drip, recirculating ball steering and other features are optional for high-end models.

  • D1500
  • V1600

Efficient transportation solutions for users worldwide

Wuzheng's three-wheeled vehicles have been market leaders for over 40 years. The quality and continuous innovation of Wuzheng's vehicles provide users worldwide with efficient transportation solutions.

Use scenarios

Discover the versatility of our vehicle product line in action.
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Technical specification

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  • Engine model

  • External contour dimensions

  • Wheeltrack

  • Wheelbase

  • Front and rear tires

  • Frame form

  • Steering form

  • Shock absorber model

  • Box dimensions

  • Clutch

  • Brake form

  • Dumping method

  • Other configurations

    • 24HP

    • 4208×1540×1745

    • 1310

    • 2788

    • Front 60016/65016, Rear 75016

    • 170 high-strength steel

    • Worm gear/recirculating ball/electric power assistance

    • 5658/6058 triple shocks

    • 2500×1540×450

    • Mechanical clutch

    • Oil Brake

    • self-unloading

    • simple body, iron sunshade, external cooling, electromagnetic drip

    • 24HP

    • 5130×1700×2090

    • 1420

    • 3580

    • Front 60016/65016, Rear 75016

    • 195 channel steel external span frame

    • Worm gear/recirculating ball

    • 6058 triple shocks

    • 2800×1700×500、3000×1700×500

    • Mechanical clutch

    • Power oil brake

    • hand-controlled hydraulic lifting and lowering

    • optional external cooling system, MP3, reverse camera, electromagnetic drip, recirculating ball steering, etc.

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