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Reducing Cost for Every Customer

Wuzheng is committed to reducing your operation cost.  As an OEM of truck chassis and sanitation equipment, Wuzheng provides integrated solutions for a wide range of scenarios and can customize products according to your needs.

  • Municipal garbage classifications
  • Transfer modes of rural garbage classification
  • Construction garbage collection and transportation modes

Equipment Matching Process

We relentlessly pursue operating cost reductions for you!

  • Customer In-Depth Analysis

    Professional engineers analyze the customer's current or future operation, such as number of households, availability of labor, waste treatment requirements and transportation distances.

  • Classification and Layout

    Scenarios are classified and project requirements are reviewed and confirmed.

  • Equipment Matching

    Chassis and equipment are selected to meet the customer needs at the lowest possible operating and capital cost.

Municipal garbage classifications

  • Transfer modes of municipal garbage classifications (four classifications)

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  • Garbage classification and transfer mode for narrow urban communities [Transfer station model - suitable for communities with large populations and garbage volume that are located far away from the power plant (over 20km)]

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  • Garbage classification and transfer modes for narrow urban communities [Direct vehicle collection mode - suitable for communities with small populations and garbage volume that are located close to power plants (within 20km)], with existing vehicles used as other garbage collection vehicles

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Transfer modes of rural garbage classification

Two classifications. Reason: Relatively low levels of recyclable and hazardous garbage in rural areas


Construction garbage collection and transportation modes


Smart sanitation platform

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    In China's environmental sanitation sector, Wuzheng Group has been leading the development for intelligent management and has provided its users with a more efficient, convenient and intelligent management in environmental sanitation practices. Its smart sanitation platform is now accessible on a PC or mobile phone app and enables users to manage personnel, vehicles and job tasks digitally. With this platform, users can monitor and manage in real-time the set-up, utilization and oil consumption of their products as well as driver usage habits across the country. Users get an idea of operating conditions for vehicles and personnel with this platform to improve managerial efficiency and work quality. By using this smart sanitation platform, Wuzheng has played a key contributing role in facilitating China's pursuit of intelligent management for environmental sanitation practices. In addition to enhancing managerial efficiency, this intelligent management helps reduce costs and improves the quality and results in environmental sanitation work. This smart sanitation platform has also boosted the transition to digital management in environmental sanitation industry and aided innovation and growth for the whole sanitation sector.

The next step

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