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Heavy load

We assist in transporting agricultural products from the field, starting the "field to table" journey. Our products freely move across farmlands where larger-sized machines cannot access, enhancing the efficiency of farmland transportation.

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  • M5
    • Light load version can carry 1T

    • The cargo box is stronger and more durable compared to the industry level

    • Adopting big six gears transmission, more torque and stronger carrying capacity

  • F30
    • One-piece molded body

    • A more comfortable ride

    • More power

  • m.png
  • 10002.png
      • One-piece die-casting windscreen, full of atmosphere; new-style reinforced external bumper, higher security.

      • 350mm high weighted roller press carcase, patterned bottom plate, sturdy and durable.

      • 60V1200 reinforced 128 motor, stronger power, muddy road conditions fearless!

      • Double beam type frame, easy to load 2000kg without pressure.

      • Ensure product reliability with the body's total sequencing template molding and high-precision pneumatic welding.

      • Experience safer braking with the unique vacuum power brake, setting new industry standards.

      • Conquer challenging terrains with the six-phase permanent magnet synchronous electric control, delivering strong power and stable performance for heavy loads and steep slopes.

      • Load up to 1.5 tons effortlessly with the double-beam frame, providing strength and durability without any pressure.

      • Enjoy accurate and stable steering with the three-spoke steering wheel and worm gear steering, saving energy and improving efficiency.

  • M5
  • F30

Logistic solutions for urban and/or suburban construction

Wuzheng's three-wheeled vehicles have been leading the market for 40 years,Providing users with logistic solutions for urban and rural construction. Enabling more efficient transportation for urban and rural construction

Use scenarios

Discover the versatility of our vehicle product line in action.
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Technical specification

  • m.png


  • 595.png


  • External contour dimensions(mm)

  • Box dimensions(mm)

  • Design load(Kg)

  • Motor

  • Maximum speed(Km/h)

  • Long cruising power(Km)

  • Battery capacity

  • Charging time(h)

    • 3320×1300×1415

    • 1800×1300×350

    • 1000

    • 60V1200W/1500W

    • 40

    • 80-90

    • 60V120Ah

    • 10-12

    • 3800×1430×1880

    • 2200×1410×360

    • 1500

    • 72V2000W/2200W/3000W

    • 40

    • 90-100

    • 72V150Ah

    • 10-12

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