Enhancing Lives Every Step of the Way

  • At our core, we are committed to creating a more sustainable and vibrant world.  Our initiatives span diverse areas, each aimed at making a positive impact:

    Green Initiatives:  We champion environmental consciousness by actively reducing carbon emissions. Through energy-efficient products, green factories, and community-driven efforts, we work collaboratively to combat climate change.

    Rural Revitalization: Our focus extends to rural areas, where we strive for shared prosperity. Beyond material wealth, we envision spiritually enriched communities—a place people aspire to visit, and agriculture as an appealing industry for young minds.

    Collective Intelligence: Guided by innovation and integrity, we build a robust organizational structure. Our vision? To stand the test of time as a century-old company, harnessing collective wisdom for sustained success and allowing future employees to thrive.

    Join us on this transformative journey toward a brighter future!

  • Build a bridge of mutual trust, mutual benefit and collaborative growth with our users, employees and business partners across the world.


Wuzheng CSR win-win platform

Wuzheng Group has made efforts in the following three major areas.

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    Advancing Agriculture and Community Development

    In Western China, the Group has invested over RMB 300 million to create a state-of-the-art agricultural demonstration park. This integrated hub combines planting, production, machinery support, agricultural technology promotion, and even tourism.   This has created significant long term and local employment opportunities.

    Wuzheng East Africa (Uganda):   This subsidiary focuses on large-scale cultivation of maize, rice, and other cash crops.  Wuzheng champions modern agricultural techniques to improve land productivity.  Over 1,000 local workers have received training in agricultural mechanization, contributing to their future as farmers.

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    Empowering Employment

    Wuzheng's environmental and sanitation service extends to cities, towns and villages.  Currently we provide over 5,000 jobs in sanitation service for middle-aged and elderly workers in rural areas.  At Wuzheng's instrument panel and wire harness plants, women form the majority of the employees, while Wuzheng strives to provide equal opportunities at all levels of management.

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    Promoting Health and Well-Being

    We actively sponsor marathon running events and company teams, promoting physical fitness and well-being.   Within our production workshops, we’ve adopted dust-free and health-conscious materials. Additionally, our lighting is optimized for comfortable luminance, reducing employee fatigue.

    Our Mutual Aid Fund which is sponsored in part by generosity of employees has assisted 57 coworkers facing major illnesses and life challenges, helping them overcome difficulties.

Public benefit activities

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    Wuzheng has cumulatively donated over RMB 24 million in China and Africa.

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    The Group has donated more than 2000 units of agricultural vehicles to contribute to the development of the local economy in the African Continent.

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    100000 units of PPE were donated and delivered to Greece to alleviate shortages during COVID 19.

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    FEIDI was a key sponsor of the 2022 and 2023 Rizhao Marathons.

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