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150+ Horsepower

MK 2404

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    Engine power

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    Plowing, deep plowing

    Operating scenarios

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    Oil tank


MK series tractors are capable of 210 to 260 hp. The entire machine features user-friendly design and excellent production technology, with superb quality especially suited for heavy-duty operation for large land areas.

  • Intelligent design

    Equipped with a variety of domestic famous brand engines, featuring powerful strength, a torque reserve of over 30%, good cold-start performance, electronically controlled intelligent detection and early warning functions. Features also include remote troubleshooting, allowing for more attentive use. Intelligent configurations are incorporated with optional one-key-start, reversing camera, and autopilot configurations to provide the driver with the most comfortable driving environment.

    • 30+%

      Torque reserve.

  • Wide scope of adaptation

    Synchronizer shuttle shift, 32+32 gears, eight working gears within 6.5-13.5km/h to meet a variety of operational needs. Crawl gear with a minimum speed of up to 4.8m/min for various crawling operations such as trenching and digging.

    • 32F+32R


    • 4.8m/min

      Minimum crawl speed

  • High efficiency

    Electric-controlled lifting system with dual high-pressure hydro-cylinders, one-key quick lifting and lowering, and improved operational efficiency. Equipped with a large 500L fuel tank, extending operating time by 36%, and allowing continuous 15-hour operation with a full tank of fuel.

    • 15/h

      Continuous operation.

    • 500L

      Enlarged fuel tank.


Technical specification

Tractor dimensions (L×W×H)mm5935x2855x3400
Minimum useable masskg7720
Minimum ground clearancemm430
Rated engine powerKW176.5
Front wheel/rear wheel/460/85R30/650/65R42
Shifting method/Synchronizer
Transmission gear/32+32
Speed of power output shaftrpm760/850
Number of hydraulic output valve groupsgroups4

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