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40-80 Horsepower

NS 704

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    Engine power

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    Fuel tank

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    Customized operating situations


The NS series tractors are multi-purpose tractors independently researched and developed by Wuzheng Group. These machines meet the operational needs of multiple working conditions. Featuring superior performance, compact structure, easy maneuverability, low vibration, small fuel consumption, and large traction, they are the preferred models for a wide range of operations.


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    A wide range of gears and speeds

    10+2, 10+10 and 20+4 gears available to satisfy multiple operational demands.

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    Diverse choices

    A variety of renowned engine brands are available to meet your multiple demands.

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    Extensive configurations

    Three hydraulic output types (one group, two or three groups), dry and wet field tire model groups available.

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    Comfortable riding

    New upgraded cab with suspended pedals for your fullest comfort.

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    Long continuous operation duration

    Single/Dual fuel tanks available.

Technical specification

Machine model and name/NS704, wheeled tractor
Machine's external dimensions (L×W×H)mm3665×1558×2450 (top of safety frame)
Wheelbase or ground contact length of tracksmm1915
Wheeltrack (front/rear)mm960、1000、1100、1200/960、1000、1050、1100、1200
Minimum ground clearancemm420(bottom of front drive axle)
Minimum useable masskg1990
Standard counterweight (front/rear)kg100/100
Number of gears/10/2(Optional10+10、20+4)
Engine model/YN28TDF4/4DW94-70GG42/4L88-75G412C1
Structural type of engine/In-line, water-cooled, four-stroke
Engine manufacturer/Shandong Yunnei Power Co., Ltd./FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd./ Wuxi Diesel Engine Works/Changchai Co., Ltd.
Engine intake method/Turbocharger/Turbocharger and intercooler/Turbocharger and intercooler
Number of engine cylinders/4
Rated engine powerkW51.5
Rated net engine powerkW51.5
Rated engine speedr/min2300
Engine cooling method/Water-cooled
Tire model (front)/Front wheel 7.00-12、6.00-16、6.50-16、7.50-16、8.3-20、8.3-20(paddy field)
Tire model (rear)/Rear wheel 13.6-16、13.8-20、11.2-24、13.6-24、11.2-28、12.4-28、12.4-28(paddy field)
Hydraulic suspension system type/Split
Suspension type/Rear-mounted three-point suspension
Suspension device type/Class 1
Model of work unit hydraulic oil pump/CBN-F310
Number of hydraulic output types/One group, two or three groups
Number of power output shaft splines/8
Standard speed of power output shaftr/min540/750
Transmission ratio of power output shaft/3.43/2.44

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