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80-150 Horsepower

MD 1004

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    Engine power

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    Customized operating conditions

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    Small turning radius


MD series products are brand-new and jointly developed by Wuzheng Group and AVL in Europe, and are the earliest products adopting synchronizer shifting technology with the same 70-100 horsepower in China. These products feature advanced performance and technology, compact structure, easy and comfortable maneuvering, low vibration, low fuel consumption, etc.


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    International advanced technology

    European technology, high strength cylindrical gearbox housing, three-axis helical gear transmission, with high transmission efficiency.

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    Multiple gears, wide speed range

    Equipped with 16+8/16+16 power shift/32+32 synchronizer shift transmission system.

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    High sealing strength

    Anti-mud and water-sealing design for key parts of the front axle.

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    More flexible operation

    Turning radius of less than 4.2m.

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    Reliable quality

    Active chassis lubrication extends service life.

Technical specification

ItemUnitDesign value
Minimum ground clearancemm470(bottom of front axle)
Minimum useable masskg3300
Maximum lifting forcekN15.9
Minimum turning radiusm4.2
Engine - Type/Direct injection, in-line, liquid-cooled, four-stroke
Engine - Model/4G33TC-100G31C/YN38
Rated engine power
Rated engine speed
Drive system - Transmission type/16+8/16+16/32+32
Drive system - Auxiliary gearbox shifting method/Synchronizer gear shift
Running System - Tire model (front wheel)/9.5-24/9.5-24(paddy field)/11.2-24
Running System - Tire model (Rear wheel)/16.9-30/14.9-30/16.9-30(paddy field)/14.9-30(paddy field)

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