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40-80 Horsepower

TA 504

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    Engine power

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    Fuel tank

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    Customized operating situations


The TA series tractors are compact and offer customers comfort and convenience to satisfy a wide range of demands.


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    A wide range of gears and speeds

    8+2 and 8+8 gears are available to meet multiple operation demands.

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    Diverse choices

    A variety of well-known engine brands are available to meet your numerous demands.

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    Extensive configurations

    one group or two groups of hydraulic outputs, various models of dry and wet field tires available.

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    Comfortable driving and riding

    Equipped with integrated bottom plate, large driving and riding space.

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    Long continuous operation duration

    Single/Dual fuel tanks available.

Technical specification

Machine model and name/TA504 wheeled tractor
External dimensions of machine (L×W×H)mm3500×1545×2350(safety frame)
Wheelbase or ground contact length of tracksmm1940
Wheeltrack (front/rear)mm910、960、1100、1200、1300/910-1400
mm390(front drive axle)
Minimum useable masskg1650
Standard counterweight (front/rear)kg80/100
Number of gears/August 8
Engine model/4G29-50G410E1/YN25NAF4/4DW96-50GBG42/4L28P50
Structural type of engine/In-line, water-cooled, four-stroke
Engine manufacturer/Changchai Co., Ltd. /Shandong Yunnei Power Co., Ltd./FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd./ Wuxi Diesel Engine Works/Shandong Huayuan Laidong Engine Co., Ltd.
Engine intake method/Naturally aspirated
Number of engine cylinders/4
Rated engine powerkW36.8
Rated net engine powerkW36.8
Rated engine speedr/min2400
Engine cooling method/Water-cooled
Tire model (front)/Front wheel:6.00-16、6.50-16、7.50-16、8.3-20
Tire model (rear)/Rear wheel:9.5-24、9.5-28、11.2-24、11.2-28、12.4-28
Hydraulic suspension system type/Split
Suspension type/Rear-mounted three-point suspension
Suspension device type/Class 1
Model of work unit hydraulic oil pump/CNB-F310
Number of hydraulic output types/One group or two groups
Number of power output shaft splines/6
Standard speed of power output shaftr/min540/720
Transmission ratio of power output shaft/3.38/2.73

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