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40-80 Horsepower

NA 504

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    Engine power

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    Minimum ground clearance


NA series tractors are powerful assistants for orchard operations, versatile tractors well suited for field management of orchards and greenhouses


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    Flexible operation

    Compact structure, short wheelbase, small turning radius.

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    Stronger driving force

    Equipped with tires with denser and wider tread patterns.

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    Cost-effective and practical

    High reserve torque and low fuel consumption.

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    Large fuel tank

    Rotomolded fuel tank, large volume, long operating time.

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    Great lifting power

    Dual pressurized cylinder lifter with a lifting force of over 1,000kg, a 20% increase.

Technical specification

ItemUnitDesign value
External dimensions (L×W×H)mm3070×1240×2315(top of safety frame)
Wheeltrack - Front wheeltrackmm960/960
Wheeltrack - Rear wheeltrackmm910、960/910~1300
Minimum ground clearancemm240(bottom of front axle)
Minimum useable masskg1500
Standard counterweight (front/rear)kg0/72
Number of gears - forward/reverse/crawl/8/2/0
Theoretical speed in each gear - Forwardkm/h2.10、3.20、5.02、6.93、9.72、14.81、23.23、32.03
Theoretical speed in each gear - Reversekm/h2.24、10.35
Engine - Type/In-line, water-cooled, four-stroke
Engine - Model/4G29-50G410E1
Engine - Manufacturer/Changchai Co., Ltd.
Engine - Intake method/Naturally aspirated
Engine - Number of cylinders/4
Rated engine power
Rated engine speed
Drive system - Transmission type/2×(4+1)combo acquisition
Drive system - Main gearbox shifting method/Slip gear + sliding sleeve
Drive system - Auxiliary gearbox shifting method/Slip gear
Steering system - Steering system type/Fully hydraulic
Steering system - Steering gear type/Steering wheel
Working device - Hydraulic suspension system type/Split
Working device - Suspension type/Rear-mounted three-point suspension
Working device - Hydraulic output device/Multitandem valve (one group or two groups)

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