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80-150 Horsepower

ME 1204

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    Engine power

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    Rice-wheat rotation

    Operating scenarios

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    High traction force



ME series tractors are excellent quality machines independently developed by our company with 120-180 hp. The entire machine features reasonable structure and novel appearance, and can meet a variety of operational demands, such as rotary tilling, deep loosening, and cultivating.


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    High cost-effectiveness

    Multi-power switch, reasonable use at no-load, light-load and heavy-load, low fuel consumption.

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    Wide scope of adaptability

    24+8 gears, wide range of operating speeds, suitable for plowing, rotary tilling, seeding, trenching, digging, baling, etc.

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    Comfortable riding

    Clutch assistance system, brand-new air-conditioned cab with wide field of vision, excellent sound insulation, suspension seats, front and rear adjustable steering wheel.

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    High operating efficiency

    Adaptable for the demands of deep loosening and deep tilling, featuring deep soil penetration, height limit, large lifting force, fast lifting speed, and higher operating efficiency.

Technical specification

ItemUnitDesign value
Tractor dimensions (L×W×H)mm4600×2200×2920
Minimum useable masskg4350
Minimum ground clearancemm445
Rated engine powerKW88.2
Rated engine speedrpm2200
Front wheel/rear wheel/14.9-24/18.4-34
Top speedkw/h28.11
Transmission gear/12+4
Speed of power output shaftrpm760/850
Number of hydraulic output valve groupsgroups3

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