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FEIDI U Series

New energy goes the last mile of green and efficient transportation

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U series

By breaking through the traditional design logistics vehicles, and using the design language of fluid power, Feidi U Series products feature modern and stunning appearances. At the same time, they are driven by new energy technology to provide users with more advanced, environmentally friendly, and efficient logistics and transportation solutions.

Refreshing design, logistics partner

Not just “fuel-to-electricity”, designed exclusively for logistics

Extra-large space

5m' extra-large space and up to one ton capacity

Great cruising power with one charge

At 1C rate (soc0-80%), it takes 48 minutes to charge. Lightning fast charging, 290km long cruising power (working condition method)

Preferred choice for urban distribution with high cost-effectiveness

It only costs 7 cents per kilometer, saving 15% on electricity consumption compared to other vehicles of the same class

Proven performance, worry-free travel

Accumulated road test of 200,000 kilometers, full warranty of 4 years with unlimited mileage

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